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You don’t have to worry about where to park your car to rest on the beach!

Provide yourself a parking space near the sea, using our parking.

You can park your car, use the toilet and quench your hunger and thirst.


Fee for one hour6 PLN
Fee for a daily stay from 8.00 until 20.00 (including free coffee)30 PLN


By entering the paid unguarded parking lot located on the site of SIELSKIHEL KEMPING located in HEL at 14/16 Leśna Street, the user concludes a contract with JESSMAR MAGDALENA KORALEWSKA for renting the parking space on the terms set out in these Regulations.

  1. The car park is open 24 hours a day
  2. The car park is paid unguarded
  3. The lease agreement with the customer (hereinafter referred to as the user) is concluded when the vehicle enters the parking lot and ends with his departure from the parking lot. The proof of the contract is a parking card.
  4. Each user, by entering the car par, accepts the provisions of these Regulations and undertakes to strictly comply with them.
  5. The car park is paid and unguarded parking, open 24 hours a day, all days a week
  6. Camping SIELSKIHEL is not responsible for the loss, damage or destruction of motor vehicles located in the parking lot, and is not responsible for the loss, damage or destruction of things left in the vehicle.
  7. The SIELSKIHEL campsite is not liable for damage to the person or property of those using the parking area, caused by other people, as well as caused by force majeure (i.e. an event which could not have been foreseen at the time of entry to the car park).
  8. The amount of the parking fee is specified in the price list, which is attached to these “Regulations”.
  9. The parking fee is calculated in accordance with the price list according to the time of parking and paid at the exit from the parking lot.
  10. Disabled persons are exempt from paying fees. For this purpose, these persons or a guardian are obliged to present a disabled person’s card.
  11. In the event of the loss of the parking card, the User pays a fee of 50.00.
  12. In the event of a vehicle breakdown in the car park, which may have a negative impact on the environment and the safety of other users and vehicles, the driver of the vehicle covers the costs of intervention by the Fire Brigade and other authorized services necessary to remove the threat.

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